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Thursday, October 29, 2009


 gamba yg tade kene mengena langsung ngan aku skang ok..
sajak kot ni..aku jumpe kat library tadi..time aku touch up system
haha..gile sejuk bertapa di library
esok dok sana lagi :)

 life can be unfair at times
when you must maintain faith
and never let go

it is especially during the difficult times
that you must live your life
to its fullest potential
those are the times to triumph
over circumstances
with hope and courage

life isn`t always easy
but if you keep going and persevere
to the very best of your ability
you will gain strength to manage
the new challanges ahead

each goal that you reach 
is another important step forward

believe that there are
bright and wonderful days
ahead for you and you will find them

best kan kata2 ni

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